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From the mind of Ryan Ottley comes DEATH GRUB, a comic that he wrote, pencilled, inked, and lettered, all in 24 hours. 24 hour comics day is a day where one attempts to do an entire comic in one whole day, the madness that ensues after sleep deprivation is over-the-top insanity. A mad rush to the finish to come up with ideas, to keep the quality up even though rushing is the only option!

It's a story about a warrior who is awaiting the giant Death Grub who awakens once every 100 years and devours the population of a nearby planet, he uses his ancient syringes to power up his body so he can defeat the Grub before it reaches the nearby planet. Insane violence abound in this rare one-shot 24 hour comic by Ottley! 

Signed by Ryan Ottley, bagged, and boarded. COA included!